IRMES - Research and development of mechanical elements and systems

The Department for Mechanical Constructions and Mechanization of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kragujevac and the Association for Design, Elements and Constructions – ADEKO, are organizing the international scientific conference IRMES 2019, in Kragujevac, in September of 2019.

IRMES 2019 is the ninth conference organized by ADEKO, earlier known as JuDEKO. The decision to hand the organization of the IRMES 2019 conference to the Faculty of Engineering was adopted at the meeting of the Coordinating body of ADEKO in Trebinje in 2017. The organization and quality of the IRMES 2017 pushes and motivates for the best possible organization of the following conference.

The ADEKO association was formed in 1973 as the Jugoslav Association for Machine Elements and Constructions – JuDEKO. The goals of the ADEKO association are: Encouragement of the development of machine elements, design and product development sciences; Encouragement of theoretical and experimental research in this field; Creating and broadening contacts, visits and cooperation between experts and organizations in this region; Encouragement of education and the exchange of scientific and professional information; Organization of expert and scientific gatherings – congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars, and other professional consultations in this field.

At the previous eight IRMES conferences (the firs being in 1995 and the last to date in 2017), almost a thousand research papers were presented from over a thousand researchers from all over the world. A long and prosperous tradition gives a stable base for the successful organization of future IRMES conferences.

The mission of IRMES conferences is to serve the global community through improving, spreading and applying new engineering knowledge, with the goal of serving as a source for the newest and most relevant information for mechanical engineers and experts from similar fields – on a local, regional and global level.

The Department for Mechanical Constructions and Mechanization of the Faculty of Engineering (previously Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) is a team of experienced and young researchers in the field of machine elements and design, capable of contributing to the development and application of new knowledge in this field. We hope that we will prove ourselves as both good organizers and hosts of the ninth conference IRMES 2019

Important dates, specific goals, themes and topics of the IRMES 2019 conference will be defined in coordination with the ADEKO association, and in step with modern trends and needs.

We will strive to have a wide international participation, in order to have the most possible high quality papers and in order to increase the importance and influence of the IRMES conference on a global scale. All papers will undergo a revision process, and chosen papers will be published in relevant international journals.

We propose that the IRMES 2019 conference (as well as future IRMES conferences) have an Honorary Committee, which would be made up of the most respected and experienced professors and researchers from the field of machine elements and design, with the goal of achieving continuity and a high quality of conferences.

Using good experiences from the previous IRMES 2017 conference, a student section will be organized again this year. Our goal is to spark interest in, and include, a large number of students, young and creative people, to work in the field of elements and design and to suggest new ideas and specific solutions, and to, through their participation in the conference, gain new experiences.

The conference will include a number of other manifestations, in order to facilitate a better exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as a pleasant stay in Kragujevac this September of 2019.

We invite all interested parties to contribute in the organization and execution of the IRMES 2019 conference. The biggest help we expect from the organizers of previous IRMES conferences, as well as other conferences organized by ADEKO.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of IRMES 2019

Professor Nenad Marjanović, PhD