Book of Abstracts

Authors are welcome to submit short abstract(s) in accordance with IRMES 2019 conference topics.
The official language of the Conference is English.


For uploading the short abstract please follow the procedure:

• Create/Open an EasyChair account at EasyChair platform;
• Fill in all necessary information;
• Paste the short abstract on the EasyChair platform;
• Click Submit.


For Uploading your full papers please follow these instructions:

• Log into your EasyChair account using the button below;
• Select your role as author;
• View the paper you wish to upload a file for;
• In the top right corner select Add file;
• Upload the paper and submit it.

If you require an update of the information or author list you may also do that using EasyChair.

Submit using EasyChair

The short abstract presents the essence of the paper and should be between 150 and 200 words. It briefly summarizes the background, aim or purpose of research, method used, results/findings and conclusions of the paper. We also recommend using keywords in order to identify the contents of the papers.

Templates for Conference Papers are available on the Templates page.

For any problem regarding short abstract submission, please send an e-mail at The number of papers is limited. One person can sign three papers at the most, but only one paper as the first author. Publishing information will be available on the publishing page soon.